cellSi wafer based solar cell are the most prefered cell technology in photovoltaic market. 85% of the world market consists of this type solar cells. However there are still novel technologies and developments on 1st generation solar cells. Therefore this research area is still important for research labs. GUNAM has carried out projects on wafer based solar cells within the collaboration of Nurol Technologies Inc. In addition to developing solar cell technology, know-how can be delivered to industry by this project. This project called as SAN-TEZ project which is supported by Ministry of Industry and Commerce. At the end of project high efficient silicon wafer solar cells obtained, know-how will be developed by Nurol Technologies Inc. and human resources for industry will be growth. Some prototypes are produced and introduced as a module in photograph. At the same time 2 ms students from METU are on duty and get scholarship within the framework of this project. 17% efficiency obtained from standart solar cells.

Prof. Dr. Raşit Turan

Fırat Es
Olgu Demircioğlu
Hande Ciftpinar
Gülsen Baytemir
Makbule Terlemezoğlu
Sedat Bilgen