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  • SolarTr-3

    SolarTR-3 "Third Turkish Solar Electricity Conference and Exhibition" will be held on April 27,29,2015 in METU Ankara...

  • Inverted Pyramids

    Inverted Pyramids for Light Trapping

  • gunam_group

    GUNAM researchers within Si PV laboratories...

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    R&D dedicated full scale production infrastructure...

  • EBSD

    EBSD analysis for micro crystal silicon solar cells...

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    Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Laboratories

  • pyramides

    Surface Texturing for Light Trapping

  • Organic_lab

    Organic Solar Cell Laboratories

  • Nanowires

    Nanowires Towards High Efficency Solar Cells

  • nanodots

    Silver Nanodots and Plasmonic Effects 

  • holes_of_serra

    Nanostructures for next generation solar cells...

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GUNAM as an Excellence Center

             The Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications (GÜNAM) is an interdisciplinary center of excellence in the area of solar energy science and technology. It has recently received significant support through State Planning Organization (SPO) and Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Turkey. GÜNAM considers itself as the major national center in the development of solar cell technologies including photovoltaic and solar thermal system for energy production and aims to serve all interested institutions and individuals in Turkey.


Primary aims of GÜNAM are:

  • Improve solar energy technologies that convert solar energy to electrical energy at an affordable price;

  • Create a technological infrastructure for national industry and eliminate the possible negative effects of the incentive systems;

  • Become an institution that creates and guides synergy of innovation at national and international level;

  • Increase public awareness and consciousness on the usage of solar energy;

  • Train and educate professionals for solar energy research and industry.


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