GÜNAM Researchers’ Article in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

The article titled “Spreading resistance modeling for rapid extraction of contact resistivity with a four-point probe” has been published in Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.

The contact resistivity has been one of the main parameters limiting the performance of silicon solar cells with intricate experimental and numerical procedures used for its extraction so far. ODTÜ GÜNAM researchers had come up with a simple way of obtaining the contact resistivity between different materials using four-point probe measurements. The methodology presented in this work is expected to simplify these procedures considerably and accelerate the research and development of new generations of Si solar cells.

We congratulate Deniz Turkay, Konstantin Tsoi, Ergi Donercark, Prof. Rasit Turan, and Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Yerci for their contributions.

To view the article, please visit this link.