GÜNAM Researchers’ Article in Renewable Energy

The article titled “Simplified process flow for the fabrication of PERC solar cells with ion implanted emitter” has been published in Renewable Energy by the ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon PV division led by Prof. Dr. Rasit Turan.

The authors of the article demonstrated a simplified process flow for the fabrication of ion implanted PERC cells having Al2O3SiNx; stack passivation at the textured rear surface without any rear side processing, leading to a power conversion the efficiency of 20% at large area. The results of the present research will provide a basis for high efficiency implanted PERC cells with significantly reduced workload and cost.

We congratulate the lead author Gence Bektaş,  his 8 co-authors of the article, and all the ODTÜ-GÜNAM members for their contributions.

To view the article, please visit this link.