Doping Furnace

DSC_1328The current furnaces in the C-Silicon based Solar Cell Lab, with three tubes each, are capable of processing twenty five 6” round and square wafers per run, the processes including;

POCL3 predeposition
Boron predeposition
POCL3 diffusion
Boron diffusion
Front and back contact annealing

In addition this furnace includes a PECVD tube for PECVD AR coating.


screen_printerMetallization of the solar cells starts with screen printing and is completed with drying and firing the contacts. All of the three processes can be done in C-Silicon based Solar Cell Lab with the screen printer and the firing-drying furnace.In addition to screen printing, the mask aligner, spin coater in the lithography room together with the e-beam evaporator makes it possible to use photolithography for metallization in more advanced lab studies.


DSC_1423Surface of both 4” mono crystalline and 156x156mm multi crystalline wafers are textured using the temperature controlled KOH -Acidic texturing tank. Acid stirring system increase the homogenity of chemical reactions in the tank