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Uygulamalı Birim Öğretim Görevlisi Alım İlanı

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Yazılı sınav tarih ve yer bilgileri:

Sınav tarihi: 14/10/2019 – 10.00

Sınav yeri: ODTÜ Fizik Binası, 1. Kat – No. 118

CSP Free Training Course for Industry

Next FREE training course about CST plant optimization on SFERA-3 project!

“After the success of the SFERA-3 training course in France (CNRS), we are pleased to present the 2nd Training for Industries course with the topic optimization of CST plant output by optical and thermal characterization and target-oriented O&M.

This course is organized by DLR and CIEMAT and will take place at the Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in Tabernas, Spain from March 30th – April 3rd, 2020. It is designed for engineers, researchers and representatives from European CSP industry and companies.

For more information and application please visit

The SFERA 3 training courses for CSP professionals focus on the main CSP technologies and aim at facilitating the communication between European researchers and industry as well as enhancing the transfer of know-how and innovations. Therefore participants will be trained on European test infrastructure by expert researchers in the field.”


Daniel Benitez (DLR)

Tel. 0034 950273198


First Summer School of the “SFERA-III” project

“The 1st  Summer School and Doctoral Colloquium of SFERA-III project will be held in Odeillo (France) at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory between 9-11 September 2019.

The topic of this 1st Summer Scholl is thermal energy storage systems, solar fields and new cycles for future CSP plants.

All the information on registration conditions, access, and the full programme can be found at

SFERA-III hashtag:


Ricardo Sánchez

SFERA-III Project Coordinator


CIEMAT-Plataforma Solar de Almería

Ctra. de Senés km 4.5, E-04200 Tabernas, Almería (Spain)

Phone:  +34 950 387 800



European Solar Era-Net projects “Cheer-Up” and “Eco-Sun”, written and submitted by Fırat Es and Emel Semiz from GÜNAM, and European consortium members, have been accepted to be funded.

“Cheer-Up” project aims to develop cost-effective and efficient industrial, UMG, black multi-c silicon solar cells together with the participation of METU GÜNAM, University of Valencia, University of Madrid and Aurinka Group as the industrial partner.

The second project, “Eco-Sun”, aims to develop a low concentration (<100x), hybrid, PV-CSP system for heat and electricity co-generation together with the participation of METU GÜNAM, Graz University of Technology, CTTC (Barcelona), and IMK Solarmirrortec and iTek Solar as the industrial partners.


Prof. Dr. Raşit Turan, GÜNAM director, briefed Mr. Paquet about the facilities and achievements of GÜNAM.



Prof. Turan and GÜNAM researchers showed Mr. Paquet and his representative committee about the major technological steps of photovoltaic cell fabrication in the GÜNAM facilities.



Regarding his visit, Mr. Paquet shared a tweet on the link below:


Prof. Lang Zhou, who is the director of Institute of Photovoltaics of Nanchang University (China), was hosted by GÜNAM and delivered a talk titled “Development of solar cells based on heterojunction of amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon (HAC): HIT and post HIT” in Cavid Eginsoy Seminar Room of METU Physics Department, on 26 November 2018.

After the talk, a “Letter of Memorandum” was signed by Prof. Raşit Turan and Prof. Lang Zhou with a ceremony as an intention for possible research collaboration between Institute of Photovoltaics of Nanchang University and GÜNAM in future.


GÜNAM Researchers Derek Baker, İlker Tarı, and Özgür Bayer are representing GÜNAM and Turkey in the project INSHIP (Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes). INSHIP aims at the definition of an ECRIA (European Common Research and Innovation Agenda) engaging major European research institutes with recognized activities on SHIP, into an integrated structure that could successfully achieve the following coordination objectives:

  • More effective and intense cooperation between EU research institutions
  • Alignment of different SHIP-related national research and funding programs
  • Avoiding overlaps and duplications and identifying gaps
  • Acceleration of knowledge transfer to the European industry
  • To be the reference organization to promote and coordinate the international cooperation in SHIP research from and to Europe

Another leg of INSHIP is the development of coordinated R&D activities (TRLs 2-5) with the ambition of progressing SHIP (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) beyond the state-of-the-art through:

  • An easier integration of low and medium temperature technologies suiting the operation, durability and reliability requirements of industrial end users
  • Expanding the range of SHIP applications to the EI sector through the development of suitable process embedded solar concentrating technologies
  • Overcoming the present barrier of applications only in the low and medium temperature ranges
  • Increasing the synergies within industrial parks through centralized heat distribution networks and exploiting the potential synergies of these networks with district heating and with the electricity grid.

GÜNAM researchers are leading Research Tasks on Solar-Driven Industrial Dryers, Solar Metals Production for the Metallurgical Industry, and Solar Lime Production for the Cement Industry.

The project consortium is composed of 28 partners and aligns strongly with the European Energy Research Alliance Joint Programme on Concentrating Solar Power (EERA-JP-CSP). The project is led by the Fraunhofer-Institute of Solar Energy, Germany, and is a 4-year project that started on 1 January, 2017. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 731287.