Month: October 2016




Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, supports “European Researchers’ Night” organized on the last Friday of every September as an EU-wide public event of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA). To draw interest of especially children, teenagers and parents and motivate them about a scientific career; more than 250 cities across Europe and neighboring countries contribute to this big event with entertaining and interactive scientific experiments, demonstrations, exhibitions, talks and other ways. The main aim is to show the amusing side of science to society.

This year, in 30th September 2016, ODTÜ Society and Science Research and Application Center (TBM) has been qualified to perform this event in Ankara campus of ODTÜ with the participation of many departments, research centers and societies from the university. The main theme of TBM’s event, titled “Evde Bilim Eğlencelidir”, was to present interesting scientific facts in our daily life and homes through five main parts of a house: Living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage and garden.

During the event, a large number of visitors (especially many students from national primary and high schools with their teachers and parents) visited the participator stands. GÜNAM also gave a support for the “garden” applications of “Evde Bilim Eğlencelidir” with a small-scale agricultural irrigation system. The system has a small water reservoir including a submersible pump which its operating current and electricity is produced from solar panels.