Month: August 2016


“Bilim Eğlencelidir” Fair

GÜNAM attended the science fair “Bilim Eğlencelidir”, organized by ODTÜ Society and Science Research and Application Center (TBM) in Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO), 17 April 2016. During the fair; many scientific and technological experiments, exhibitons and talks from ODTÜ departments and research centers were entertainingly and educatory performed for the fair visitors.


Within the fair, GÜNAM demonstrated a model house which provides its electricity from the solar cells on its roof. In GÜNAM’s stand, some solar cell samples and a solar panel were exhibited for the visitors, too.


PV Summer School Succesfully Completed

GÜNAM organized its first PV School composed of fundamental courses on solar cells and PV technology between 13-24 June 2016. During two weeks, 70 participants took various lectures from the notable guest and host researchers of the summer school; including introduction to solar energy, cell types, power electronics for PV and panel technologies.

In the first week, the famous names of Photovoltaics like Martin A. Green, Rolf Brendel and GÜNAM’s lecturers gave theoretical lectures on research-development progresses including recent studies of their own institutions based on solar PV science and technology.

In the second week, GÜNAM researchers provided a practical training on c-Si solar cell fabrication stages to the registered participants in GÜNAM Cell Line.

As social events of PV School2016, “Cappadocia and Ankara tours” and “Barbecue Party” were organized for the lecturers and participants.

The complete list of PV School 2016 lecturers with their lecture title:

Selçuk Yerci (METU EE-Turkey): Fundamentals of Semiconductors and Solar Cells

Alpan Bek (METU Physics-Turkey): Light Management in Solar Cells

Martin A. Green (UNSW-Australia): Evolution of Si Solar Cell Performance

Raşit Turan (METU Physics/GÜNAM Director-Turkey): Overview of Solar Cell Technologies

Rolf Brendel (ISFH-Germany): Fundamentals of Si Solar Cells and Current Results at ISFH

Olindo Isabella (TU Delft- Netherlands): Thin-film Silicon Solar Cells and Advanced Concepts

Giray Kartopu (Glyndŵr Univ-UK): CdTe and CIGS Thin Film PV

Robert S. Balog (Texas A&M Univ-USA): Electrical Modeling and Power Electronics for PV Systems

Arif Sinan Alagöz (TÜBİTAK MAM-Turkey): Module Technologies

Elias Stathatos (TEI-Greece): High efficient Dye-sensitized and Perovskite Solar Cells

Ulrich Lemmer (KIT-Germany): Organic Solar Cells